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put your money where your heart is

each purchase in the impacts real people | all profits are used to fund community initiatives

empactico show me the money

built on a promise of complete transparency, take a look at how the numbers in empactico add up
current model

currently products are fulfilled by a third party + benefit a philanthropic mission. if you are a small business interested in selling as a third party in empactico™ , apply here

asummes the cost of goods + fulfillment services as provided by a third party


remains in



Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 4.14.45 PM.png

donated to nonprofitsphilanthropists on a mission to ensure each purchase makes an empact


which means...

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covers the cost of goods + services, salaries, fees and our work improving our world


remains in empactico to maintain a strong foundation for c.r.e.d. culture + empact 


empactico programs

all revenue from programs created by empactico follow a rule of thirds

funds new programs + initiatives that benefit empactors' communities