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do you believe in empactico?

put your money where your heart is

empactico belongs to the world.

there are no investors, special interests, nor board of shareholders to appease. 

empactico is made possible by people like you, who believe that if given the tools + opportunitieswe can all come together like we see in the movies, because legend has it that we will be great.

limited edition gifts

donate to empacticotoday + receive a limited edition gift only available to the first empactors

"I'll be the change" merch

exclusive designs for first empactors

(min donation: $65)

lifetime of empactor+

lock in your empactor+ account for life

(min donation: $11)

exchange for empact

receive 3∆ for each $1 donated

(min donation: $250)

any empacticolimited edition physical gifts will be shipped* following its selection

* shipping is included with donation threshold to receive physical gift

donate to

+ receive a limited edition gift of your choosing.

empactico™ beta will be ready for population March 20, 2024

© 2017-2024 Empactico™

empactico is made possible by people like you | read our privacy policy

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