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30min Empathic Listening Session

total confidentiality and relief

Service Description

Do you feel unheard by the people around you? Do you need someone to just listen? Experience the power of being truly heard with an Empathic Listening Session with Madeline, the creator of Empactico. In this safe and confidential space, you can share your feelings without fear of judgment, knowing that you will be heard and validated. Connect with a great listener who genuinely wants to hear what you have to say, ask you thoughtful questions and create space for you to feel into your emotions in a supportive environment. Conversations remain completely confidential, and there are absolutely no records held of them. $25 for 15 minutes | $35 for 30 minutes | $60 for 60 minutes Please note that each session sold means a session of equal length is donated to a young adult who cannot afford to pay for this service.

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