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practice what you preach with empactico™

are you a non-profit 
in need of volunteers?

connect with local volunteers, passionate about your cause

join empactico 

apply for a   philanthrophist   account today

must be an official + declared non-profit organization as defined by your country of origin

are you a creator? a candle-stick maker? a small-town bread baker?

Does your small business follow a 1:1 purchase to donation model?

Is it important to you that your business also give back to your community?

apply to sell in 
a marketplace for conscious creators 

thank you kindly for your patience,
empactico is still developing

behind the curtain of empactico beta, there is currently a single creator doing everything in her power to offer you thoughtful + accessible content as well as opportunities to practice what you preach, online and in the real world. would you believe she also sings? not kidding: listen

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