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empactico™ is a brand new world + platform with a lot of moving parts. We welcome your questions and are eager to be of service.

  • Is empactico™ a social network?
    No, empactico™ provides a personal experience between you and the technology. It is designed to help you connect with yourself, your ideas, and your values, so as to enrich your real world interactions. There are no follower numbers, view counts, or likes. If we had to define ourselves, we’d say we’re a Social Impact Network because all our empactors are committed to taking positive action in their personal lives and communities.
  • Does this mean I can’t use this platform to connect with my friends? What kind of a world is this?
    empactico™ was created to empower our real world connections to be more intentional and meaningful. We look forward to introducing opportunities to connect with fellow empactors in the real world with Empactor missions, our Communities In Action (C.I.A.) program and Empactor exclusive events + concerts. It’s a world online that is designed to help us humans organize effectively, connect with those out in the world taking action, and hopefully together, create the systems we need to truly evolve our human experience.
  • Then why would I invite my friends to a platform where we can’t socialize?
    There are plenty of platforms that seek to better digitally connect you with your friends, and all their opinions. empactico™ chooses to focus on the connection between you, yourself and your voice. In our beta version, we invite you to participate in our preach module as an opportunity for you to share your voice in an environment where members follow a code of conduct, and each post is reviewed by a moderator before it is posted.
  • A code of conduct? Are you infringing on my free speech?
    Just like every platform has a code of conduct for its interactions, empactico™ is no different. All empactors sign the (em)pact to participate in our programs, which commits us all to a value system that upholds what we call “conscious free speech.” What separates empactico™ is that if your comment is rejected for any reason, that reason will be provided to you in the context of how to revise your tone and still share what you wanted to share, that is of course if you don’t use this opportunity to reconsider your response and if it’s necessary. The (em)pact ensures we uphold an environment that encourages empactors to share their words, feelings and eventually creations vulnerably.
  • is empact a cryptocurrency?
    Absolutely not, as there is nothing cryptic about it. Empact only circulates within the world of empactico™ as a method of exchange for products available in the and participation of programs provided by our community. Empact is a word created to define the exchange of emotional impact, and it is awarded in empactico™ when actions are taken, either online or in the real world, to create connections, represent reality, empower education, and diffuse dialogue.
  • What else can I do in empactico™?
    As an Empactor, you will receive full, unlimited access to all modules available in empactico™ LISTEN: connect with your heart LEARN: connect with your head SEE: connect with your vision (coming soon) PRACTICE: practice what you preach PREACH: share your voice Any purchases made in the are awarded 3 𝚫 for every $1 spent.
  • What can I find in the
    At the moment in the we are offering primarily Print-On-Demand items that share the values in empactico™. We also plan to carry merchandise for conscious creators. If you are a creator, artisan, or small business with a mission that gives back to their community, then we want to hear from you, no matter where in the world you are! We are building to be a marketplace of conscious creators that know that with the power in their success comes the responsibility of giving back to their communities.
  • How much does it cost?
    It’s only 99¢/ month to be an Empactor, but for a limited time, while empactico™ is in beta, you can take advantage of a single payment of $11 FOR LIFE. That’s right. We, too, are sick of increasing subscription costs for every other platform and unintelligent business models that create debt-ridden giants, that the user ultimately pays for. We’re not built like that. As an empactico ™ founder, $11 for a lifetime citizenship in empactico™ ensures your rate of 3𝚫 for every $1 spent in, a 72𝚫 sign up bonus, unlimited music + video streaming, first access to new features and programs and so much more. Not to mention you’ll play a key role in building the foundation of a platform that truly empowers our humanity. empactico™ asks for more of your time than money, because we understand that throwing money at a problem doesn’t solve it. The more people engaging with our programs, the more we can promote an environment online and in the real world that organizes to take positive action.

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