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the mission

from the creator of empactico 

Madeline Fuhrman

"revolutions are so last millennium. what we need is an evolution."

It has been my personal mission in life to create empactico as my contribution towards making the world we’ve been promised in literature, legends, and prophesies, a tangible reality.


I'm aware it may sound crazy, impossible, delusional probably, but I see it so clearly, I believe in it so deeply, that I've committed my life and various skills to creating tools that maybe, just maybe, could get us there. And the more I've learned, the more I realize the secret is as simple as it is complex: it starts within each of us.

No one life coach, guru, meditation retreat, professor, or person has the answer to the unique question that is the meaning of your life. How you choose to define your experience and exercise your free will is entirely within your power, and no matter what we're sold or told, it always comes right back to us. 

Each human on earth has the power in their hands, head and heart to be the change they wish to see and create. Legend has it that we will be great, and I believe it’s about time we start believing in our human power and move in that direction, together

empactico is designed to bring people together around music and shared human values; around the warm fire in our hearts that we sometimes forget is there. We provide a virtue(all) world to connect to this fire in your heart and empower you to practice what you preach, free of judgement or comparison, influencers, or popularity. 


Isn't it about time we stop waiting for a "person in power" to change something? We have immense power in our own two hands. In doing so, together, we build a safe space online for creators, non-profits, and local businesses to collaborate, educate, share values and problem solve

Joining empactico means you choose to take responsibility for your power and commit to your unique mission.


I committed to mine and may be the creator of this world, but I'd like for you think of me as your singing tour guide. Like Willy Wonka, and this is my world of pure imagination. Welcome, and thank you for being here today.

I believe that when we choose to do better for each other, our communities, and our world, we create around us the world we have all been waiting for. Let's get to work. I can't do it without you. 

Together, we will be great.

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