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why the world needs empactico

what is empactico?

empactico  is the first virtue[all] reality of its kind.

a safe space to listen to and learn from one another,

a place focused on peace, with tools to practice our power to

create connections, represent reality, empower education and diffuse dialogue.

/'em ' pakt/


VERB: to have a strong emotional impact on someone or something.

NOUN: 1) the emotional effect and influence over one's surroundings.

2) a currency that reflects the values of its users, measured in c.r.e.d.  can be denoted with a delta (∆ ) symbol 

C • R • E • D

empactico  incentivizes engagement + positive community action with experiences in the real world that further the echo of our empact. empact + echo, get it?

start earning empact today!

EMPACTICO [beta]_straight.png

Do you remember learning Einstein's Law of Conservation of Energy? "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be change from one form to another." If this is true, then let's acknowledge that our choices matter, however small or insignificant they may seem, these choices create ripples in our world that shape our daily lives, no matter where we are on this planet.

that's enormous individual power.

empactico  connects you to this power.

empactico belongs to the world.

there are no investors, special interests nor board of shareholders to appease. 

empactico is made possible by people like you, who believe that if given the tools + opportunities

we can come together like we see in the movies, because legend has it that we will be great.

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