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Happy Birthday, America! 🥳✨🇺🇸

It took me leaving America for 7 years, in complete disdain for this country and its inability to evolve and collaborate to realize and then admit just how true it is: America is the greatest country on earth, with all its flaws, it’s the only nation with the framework and potential for true freedom… and yet we’re still getting in our own way over here.

No country or people are as generous and open to the impossibility of dreams than Americans. I know this from experience and it has been a hard pill to swallow, a hard truth to accept, because it means truly letting go of my attachments to anything outside of who I truly am in my core, in my heart, I am American.

Two years ago I shared how I would have never imagined myself leaving France, and in the process I was not yet ready to embrace and accept America for what it is…but in the last six months it’s become crystal clear to me how wonderful this country is, how here everything really is possible if you choose for it to be.

Born American and don’t believe me? Then I would have to say you aren’t making enough of an honest effort to understand this part of yourself. I encourage you to do so, as it has unlocked an entire other world within and around me. 🌎

I wish for America to get closer to fulfilling its potential this year. We are still a very young country in the scheme of things, and it’s time we take responsibility for our incredible power, harness it by focusing on our nation and our people and hopefully as a result grow up into the nation our founding fathers had written for us to be.

It’s taken me about a decade now to truly experience and understand why people from all over the world risk everything to come here. So for those of us with citizenship and the gift of a life in America, do not squander the incredible privilege you have. Here we are truly free, to be everything that we can be whereas even democratic countries make it very difficult for individuals to be so free.

It is not only a privilege, but an honor to be an American.

God bless this beautifully flawed country. ✨🇺🇸💛

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